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About CCS
What is Corporate Connect Series?

Corporate Connect Series is a BRICS Africa Consulting Limited initiative aimed at creating a platform for corporations and corporate executives to engage and have insightful conversations about various business issues; geared towards discovering sustainable solutions to business challenges. The Corporate Connect series is a quarterly event that generally focuses on how organizations can drive growth through innovation and improve market share and positioning of their brands.

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Why should you attend the Corporate Connect Series?

The Corporate Connect series provides a unique opportunity for Corporations and corporate executives to share knowledge and ideas, build strategic business relationships, discover and optimize new opportunities for growth and adjust to changing dynamics and best practices within the business ecosystem in order to navigate the complex maze of the corporate world.

Participants will be introduced to various professional perspectives on different subject matters as they relate to organizational development, brands and market positioning, corporate governance and leadership among other very important areas. Ultimately, these interactions and conversations are expected to produce new ideas and innovative approaches to problem solving and sustainable partnerships that would help organizations to be better positioned to maximize opportunities, increase productivity at all levels and improve overall performance.

The next edition of the Corporate Connect Series, which is themed “Corporate brand positioning for sustained business growth; optimizing social media opportunities” offers corporations and corporate executives an opportunity to discover new and exciting ways of projecting and positioning their brands, through the application of social media tools and channels, for increased equity and consistent growth.

The Theme question:

 “The global digital economy; opportunities for innovation, strategic partnerships and business development”

Why Attend:

Participants would discover new digital tools and strategies to support their business development efforts and positively impact profitability.

Participants would understand the concept of corporate brand positioning and be able to combine multiple digital tools to improve brand equity and performance.

Participants would be able to project and promote their personal brands with sustained value and visibility; and leverage for personal and professional growth.

Participants would be opportune to expand their professional network and leverage these relationships to establish strategic business partnerships.

Participants would tap into the knowledge and experience of the speaker to solve various business and brands development challenges through personal interactions with the speaker.

How can you register for this Corporate Connect Series?

simply call 0302526587, 0542926819 or 0244604224 for more information

Venue:  Vice Chancellors’ Complex, (adjacent the UPSA Hostel, Legon-Accra)

Date:       Thursday, 27th October 2022

Time:       9AM

Rate:       GHS 350

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