Good User Experience and How to Spot them

What makes a good user experience? Is it a matter of simplicity, structure, or functionality? The answer depends on the product in question. Characteristics of a good product or User experience depend on four areas. Namely Equitability, Usability, Enjoyable and Usefulness


If a product is usable, it means that its design, structure, and purpose are clear and simple to understand. When assessing a product’s usability, you can pose questions such as: Is everything in the design easy to find? Is the functionality of the design simple to grasp? Is it possible for users to do certain activities inside the design? These questions might help you establish whether the design provides a usable experience as you examine it. Assume you’re assessing the usability of an airline app. Assuming that the primary goal of this app is to book a flight, the design should provide a clear and simple approach to accomplish that goal. A section on the webpage, for example, where you can easily enter travel and flight details is an example of effective usability.

good user experience


If a product is equitable, it means that the design is beneficial to people of various talents and backgrounds. In other words, the product’s design addresses the needs of a broad audience and ensures that all users, regardless of background, gender, ethnicity, or ability, have a high-quality experience. Giving people the tools they need to achieve their goals and improve their quality of life is what equity entails. Because people typically require different tools and support based on their requirements, equity extends beyond the concept of equality, in which everyone is provided equal resources. This is especially crucial to remember for those who belong to typically disadvantaged groups. When assessing the equity of a product’s UX, you can pose questions such as Are the demands of a customer meeting?

good user experience
Photo credit: Equity Institute


If a product is enjoyable, it means the user is delighted by the design. The design reflects the user’s thoughts or feelings and establishes a positive connection with them. The design of a product does not have to be pleasurable in order for it to perform correctly. An enjoyable design, on the other hand, adds to an existing functional product and can improve the user’s feelings about the experience. You can ask questions like: Are there components of the design that regard the user’s feelings as you evaluate how fun a product’s UX is? Does the design make the user happy? Is the design engaging the user throughout their experience?

These questions can assist you in determining whether the design provides a pleasurable experience. Assume you’re assessing how fun a video streaming service is. Personalized recommendations based on previous viewing habits, or the opportunity to modify the appearance of your account, are two design elements that may boost your enjoyment of the product.

good user experience
Enjoyable User experience


If a product is useful, it solves a user’s problem. In other words, the design addresses a user issue that the designer has recognized. It’s worth noting that, while similar, the terms useful and useable have different meanings. A valuable product is not always usable. The same is true for the inverse. The difference between the two is that usability refers to how well the product works and how easy it is to use, whereas usefulness refers directly to the ability to solve user problems. When determining how beneficial a product’s UX is, consider questions such as: Does the design bring value to the user’s experience? Does the design answer a user problem? Does the design assist the user in achieving a certain goal?

good user experience
Useful UX

These questions will assist you in determining whether the design provides a useful experience.
Assume you’re assessing the usefulness of a financial app. Users often download these apps since they require a location to handle their finances. With this in mind, functions of the app that can be used to transfer money between accounts and pay bills may be regarded as useful.

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